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GEORGE KEREVAN gives Scot-Buzz readers the low-down on this year's SNP conference in Perth. Once these party gatherings were for discussing policy, now they are a mere rally of the faithful - a backdrop for televised speeches by the party leaders. George has been in the back room where overwrought advisors make last-minute changes to the draft of a leader’s speech, and it's not always a happy sight...


Think tank Reform Scotland has just released a major report analysing the constitutional proposals of all five of Scotland's represented political parties. As the leaders of the three main unionist parties vow to work together post referendum, Reform Scotland looks at the taxation, expenditure and local government proposals of the SNP, Labour, the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens “to determine how far they go towards the aspiration of levels of government being responsible for raising what they spend.”

Independence: where are the business gains?

Ruth McKay 

I have been active in numerous events and speaking to businesses across Scotland on the independence issue. One question is often raised: would an independent Scotland create new opportunities for businesses and encourage entrepreneurialism in Scotland?

'Help Small Firms' plea to Holyrood

WeDO Scotland, the small business lobby group, has called on the Scottish government for greater emphasis on supporting SMEs and more clarity of the support mechanisms on offer. In a budget submission to the Holyrood Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee, it says the “myriad of resources available are not clearly promoted nor easy to understand once identified”. And it adds, “We note with interest that there is no equivalent to Start Up Britain in Scotland” – an innovation that Scot-Buzz has been championing over the past year.


George Kerevan says you wouldn't know it from reading the British media but the Obama administration has suddenly been beset by multiple political scandals that evoke the spectre of Richard Nixon and Watergate. The shenanigans of the Obama White House, he says, have exploded all over the front pages. Is it arrogance or is the old Chicago Democratic machine in action again...


Award-winning journalist Dorothy-Grace Elder takes issue with Ken Houston's comments over press regulation in last week's Scot-Buzz. Leveson, she says,is a response to 'Something Must Be Done', but in the end the public will lose that one essential protection - free investigative journalism...

Open Letter to Fergus Ewing


Open letter to Fergus Ewing MSP, Minister for Enterprise 

I hope you will be intrigued in the Scot-Buzz lead item today on business start-ups. Intrigued and inspired. 

Already in the first three months of the year, 123,571 new businesses have been launched across the UK. Start-ups are now running at the rate of more than 10,000 a week.

In the face of near standstill across the economy these are remarkable figures. 

Inequality is damaging our economy and wealth

Last week Ivor Teifenbrun argued that if we are to create wealth, we must accept that inequality will always be with us. John Downie disagrees - the real issue, he says, is how inequality has and continues to seriously damage our own and the global economy...

It was the moment when I knew it had shifted...

This week Zelda meets a grudging convert to the joys of Twitter - and is amazed at just how useful the social networking site becomes when the lights go out and you need to dunk...

Borgen – a classy political fiction Nats might wish was fact

Ken Houston, the Scot-buzz Man About Town, finds that he and the Deputy First Minister share a love of the Danish drama Borgen.. but similarities between the two 'wee 'nations, he thinks, exist only in the minds of the Nats...


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