Business in Edinburgh is about to change as CITYFIBRE and COMMSWORLD unveil plans for the next generation of internet connectivity in the Scottish capital.


WHEN: This Thursday (May 28th) 5-6pm

WHERE: The Apex International Hotel,  Grassmarket, Edinburgh EH1 2HS

THE EVENT: Launching Edinburgh as a Gigabit City

THE HOST: CityFibre

MacKenzie Bags

THE SPEAKER(S): Councillor FRANK ROSS (Convener of the Economy Committee for City of Edinburgh Council), RICKY NICOL (CEO of Edinburgh based Network and Internet Provider firm Commsworld) and GREG MESCH (CEO of CityFibre)

THE GUESTS:  Senior figures from Edinburgh based businesses and public sector organisations and the media.

Edinburgh will soon become a Gigabit City as one of the world’s fastest digital networks is installed. With ultra-fast internet connectivity at their fingertips, the city’s businesses will be supercharged.

Faster connectivity allows for better communication, improved efficiency and productivity and in many cases enhanced services for clients.

Discover how Edinburgh’s entire business community can benefit and how you can influence the network’s route and reach.

For further details, contact Brian Lewis at [email protected]

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