Scottish entrepreneurs will form the next generation of wealth creators, according to one of the UK’s most recognisable fund managers. System installation wizard - Adrenalin

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Justin Urquhart-Stewart, who co-founded Seven Investment Management, will tell an event hosted by Johnston Carmichael Wealth in Edinburgh tomorrow that Scotland’s renowned entrepreneurial spirit can secure the country’s economy.

He believes the global economic outlook is more encouraging than some commentators would suggest, pointing to strong growth in the US and many Eurozone countries, and claiming reports of the Chinese slowdown are being overplayed.

But he warns that financial education from an early age was a critical part of how current and future generations manage their finances.

“People shouldn’t be too depressed about some of the more pessimistic estimations of the global economy, and there’s much to cheer in the renaissance of Scottish entrepreneurs.

“There was a time when Scots sailed off and created wealth all around the world, then it became almost frowned about to start and build your own business. But there are more pupils coming through school now who might want to work for someone else for a while, but who really want to start their own businesses.”

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