What’s really in your food shopping basket?

It’s said that 10% to 12% of any shopping basket from a supermarket may not be what one thinks it is.

The horsemeat scandal of 2013 and subsequent Elliott Review demonstrated the ubiquitous threat of food fraud committed by both opportunists and criminals. The Food Standards Agency has, in line with Elliott’s recommendations, restructured itself and established a Food Crime Unit to gather intelligence on food fraud and investigate serious cases. Interpol and Europol have weighed in with several successful anti-food fraud operations.

All the more reason to come along and hear

MIKE STEEL OF FOOD AND FARMING on Food Fraud & Food Crime: What’s actually in your shopping?

When: Friday November 27, 5.30pm to 7.15pm.

Where: Anderson Strathern LLP, 1 Rutland Court, Rutland Square, Edinburgh, EH3 8EY.

Contact : [email protected] for further details and to book your place


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