Businesses are wasting thousands of pounds every year having to bat away unwanted cold callers. The time-equivalent of two staff posts are tied up in the average-sized company just dealing with endless phone calls to which the answer is generally ‘no’.

While some businesses develop a thick skin and learn to live with the annoyance, others find that staff are tied up for long periods separating legitimate sales calls and customer enquiries from unwanted cold-callers and potential scammers.

Health and safety law consultancy  PROTECTING.CO.UK calculates that at a company of around 100 employees, that could add up to the time-equivalent of two people working full time just answering the phones to unwanted callers.

“That”, says spokesperson MARK HALL, “is about £50,000 per year wasted at absolutely no benefit to anybody.”

The sharp increase of foreign-based scam calls means that many companies now have a policy of putting the phone down on cold-callers, wasting everybody’s time and money.

PROTECTING.CO.UK recommends blocking the numbers of the worst offenders, and registering with the Telephone Preference Service so that honest companies know you are not accepting unsolicited sales calls.


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