A new poll of SME business leaders across the UK has found that a majority of them believe that the EU is hindering their business, that powers should be brought back from the EU and that they reject the rationale for the single market.

Almost three quarters (74 per cent) want Britain to take back power to negotiate trade deals; only 25 per cent agree with the rationale for the Single Market.

By 2:1 SMEs believe that the EU is hindering their business. More than 2.1 million smaller business leaders (41%) believe that the EU is hindering their business. That is twice as many as the 20% who believe it helps them.

The poll, commissioned by Chairman of Shore Capital, HOWARD SHORE, was carried out last month by Perspective Research Services for Business for Britain.

It provides a useful antidote to the relentless, pro-European Union propaganda of the SNP, supposedly in favour of Scottish independence.

SHORE, Executive Chairman of Shore Capital Group, commented, “We commissioned this research so that millions of hard working entrepreneurs across the United Kingdom had a voice in this once-in-a-generation debate. Only with successful wealth creators can we grow, employ more people and pay for the public services we all deserve.”

Chief Executive of Business for Britain, MATTHEW ELLIOTT added, “Business opinion is divided over Britain’s relationship with the EU, yet a majority of SMEs - the lifeblood of the economy - want to see powers flowing back to Britain.

“It is particularly damning that by two to one SMEs think the EU is hindering them, not helping them, and this shows why Britain must take back control of how it trades in a dynamic, globalised economy.

“The EU has shown itself ill-equipped to deal with the challenges it faces, hurting business and costing jobs. We must end the supremacy of EU law over British law.”



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