A forecast yesterday that UK GDP is expected to surpass Germany in the mid-2030s may require all clocks to be put forward if we vote ‘Leave’. 

According to calculations by the Centre for Policy Studies, based on OECD projections, this will take place on 28 August 2032 at 6.27pm.

But this commits a grave forecasting error. Should the UK vote Leave, we will not surpass Germany until August 28 2032 at 6.29 pm – a full two minutes after the CPS forecast.

This would deliver a massive blow to the wellbeing and prosperity of households across the UK. In the words of Christine Lagarde, “This is not just bad. It’s very, very very, very bad.”

It means that if we vote Leave, we will all have to put our clocks and watches forward by two minutes if we are to enjoy the unparalleled prosperity that closer EU integration will bestow.

Further adjustments to clocks may have to be made to meet Treasury forecasts. Please add this to all the admonitions and warnings of the past three months.

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