Due to the lack of gigs this month we have decided to show you the fantastic Who review we`ve been saving for a rainy day, by Mr Pat McQuire.

Listen to music. Any music at all. From say 1960 to the present. And I mean any music, be it rave, pop, jazz, classical or any other fackin' sub cultural dogmatic, term heavy toon you wish. Do it now! Get your old 7 inchers out and fire on your ministry of sound cd's. Take a break with your Sonic Youth and your Led zep. Chill with the Beasties and Public Enemy. If you feel really depraved get on the fat little fool known as Robbie Williams and finish of with Ashcroft or even early Oasis. Do it. I dare you. I double dare you!
Who do you hear in the background? Who? Well I for one can only hear THE WHO. No one else at all. Is it just me? I think not! I've just been given "The Who, 30 Years of maximum R'n'B." By a mate who is all of 19 years old! He fackin' loves them. And can you blame him for being so astute in his preferences. No? No no no not at all. Maybe Terry is just a genius? Maybe he's a bit old fashioned in his taste? Maybe he has good taste? Me? I think he's a fucking pinball wizard! He's an ace guy. And when he's out clubbin' at the Arches or even at King Tuts watching a bunch of hairy reprobates drinking their own urine and crapping on the drum riser. It's a case of no martinis, Anyway,Anyhow,Anywhere. It's just groundbreaking, superb, ballachingly cool music that he's into. And such music that anyone from a 60 year old tramp, tanning wine on the Clydeside, to a 12 year old Paul Weller fan sitting in school drawing impossible to play guitars and skyscraper sized amplifiers, can mutually declare as the best fucking music ever!
Now you might think that I'm some old mod with a chip on my scooter. You might even think that for the last ten or more years I've been on some pre E trip and know fuck all about anything. Frankly I don't give a fuck! One day you will learn! In my less than humble opinion The Who were the greatest British rock band ever. Listen to early Blur. Forget the Cockerney shite and listen closely to the sound. Also Dodgey. 3 summers ago. "In a Room". Where did those drums come from? If you don't have a clue you should read about a mad cunt called Keith Moon. Sadly missed by many. The best drummer ever in my unhumble opinion. So there! He would play drums the same way that Picasso would paint. Like a brilliant child with no restrictions and absolutely no reservations. Is there any other way?
And fuck the Beach Boys. Lots of people did. Mostly females off course. Allegedly. You want some Falsetto vocals? Listen to the young Roger Daltry busting his pubes on the early stuff. And then ten years later at the major festivals. Then he sounds like a big fat blues mamma lookin' for some white chicken' Cool as fuck! But you really need to hear long nosed Pete's guitar playing on stuff like "Bargain" or any other tune for that matter. Who nicked his windmill? Don Quan? Don Quixote? No try Paul Weller, or even Steve Jones (Yeah a punk rocker!) Steve Marriott saw big Pete long before he did his thing on any crap sixties show. Hold your guitar like a machine gun! Best fucking advice for a 6 stringer ever. Smash it to bits in front of your dazed/crazed audience! Yeah baby / Sonic Youth/ Nirvana/Hendrix etc. Who else need we mention? Copyists one and all.
And at the end of the day these old bastards played the SECC less than a month ago with JOE STRUMMER in support! Confuses all the old guys who used to have Mod/Punk fights 15 or 20 years ago, up the Gala Park?
And as if I could forget big John Entwhistle. Drinking from a straw attached to his mike stand (some say pure buckfast) and playing the best running lines since the Cubans took over New York (Sniff Sniff.) "My Wife" an underrated cool Who song if ever there was! The Ox! Big balls and bigger fingers playing the biggest basses you could find. But that is all the past. They will still influence us all for the next decade or two I hope. When they cease to be an influence, well I don't want to be around anymore. Why? Because The Who are an enigma, a way of life, a fackin' GREAT band. Anyway,anyhow,anywhere,my generation,won't get fooled again,baba o riley,my wife,the Ox,cant explain,it's hard,
Who Are You ?????????????????/
Pat McGuire. 2001. (show me a Marshall amp and I'll stab It with my Gibson!)


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