With less than three weeks to go until the election the result looks as impenetrable as ever.

But there’s no doubt who is winning the political cliché war: the Conservatives are heading for a landslide.

The website, with its automated political cliché removal tool has given the major manifestos published to date a once-over to check for the presence of buzzwords. All clichés in the database are submitted by political correspondents, editors and opinion formers. It has checked the text of manifestos against the political clichés registered in its database.

The league table so far:

Conservatives 200 clichés

Labour 58 clichés

UKIP 51 clichés

Greens 49 clichés

Plaid Cymru 48 clichés

Liberal Democrats 44 clichés

SNP too late to assess!

The Conservative manifesto features long term economic plan’ and there’s a return for the ‘Big Society’.

‘Balance the books’ and ‘those at the top’ feature prominently in the Labour manifesto.

‘Real change’, ‘the people’, ‘foreign criminals’ and ‘metropolitan elite’ appear frequently in the UKIP manifesto.

The Greens’ clichés of choice are ‘long term plan’, ‘Westminster bubble’, ‘bottom up’ and ‘vested interests’.

Plaid Cymru favour ‘the people’, ‘our people’ and ‘stand on their own two feet’.

The Liberal Democrats include ‘package of measures’, ‘those who need it’, ‘there is more to do’, and ‘a return to boom and bust’.

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