What do the Barber boom, the Lawson boom and the Great Recession have in common?

Iconoclastic economist Professor Tim Congdon will be lecturing on ‘Mistakes in Monetary Policy’ at 6.30pm on Thursday May 14.

The event is being hosted by the University of Edinburgh Business School on behalf of Russell Napier’s splendid Library of Mistakes (pictured).

In his talk, Tim will explain how all three booms have seen large (and avoidable) fluctuations in the growth rate of the quantity of money, broadly-defined.

Tim will also talk about the Institute of International Monetary Research that he is setting up in association with the University of Buckingham and how attendees can support it.

This lecture takes place at a period when monetary policy is reaching extremes never seen before. It will take place just after a ferociously contested UK general election. An interesting and informative evening seems assured.

The event : The University of Edinburgh Business School’s main auditorium, 29 Buccleuch Place EH8 9JS. Time: 18:00 – coffee and registration, 18:30 – lecture followed by a Q&A and networking reception.

For further details, please go to keeper@libraryofmistakes.com.

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