Bank of Scotland’s first main polymer banknotes enter circulation today (Tuesday).

The new five pound will begin to be available in branches from today with the note expected to be widely available across Scotland in the next few weeks.

The note is slightly smaller than the existing paper £5 notes but consistent with the new Bank of England £5 notes which issued last month.

It reuses the existing Bank of Scotland £5 design, with the front retaining the portrait of Sir Walter Scott. One of the key security features of Polymer notes is the anti-counterfeit ‘window effect’ which has been incorporated on the new £5 note as the windows of the Mound.

The bank also plans to replace its £10 paper note with a polymer version next year with a new note likely to be issued in the second half of the year.

The bank says the new polymer note “is cleaner, greener, and more durable”.

But it still feels as greasy and slippery as a chip poke.

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