A survey by Edinburgh-based consultancy The Marketing Mentor has found that 82% of Scottish business people preferred to use the social media platform LinkedIn for business connections rather than traditional methods of making contacts.

With 25% saying it’s essential to their performance and 57% saying it keeps them in touch with business connections, only 18% preferred just to use old fashioned ways to achieve business-to-business marketing.

Apparently, 31% use LinkedIn on a daily basis with 3% confessing to be ‘addicted’ while 33% are engaged a couple of times a week. The majority (66%) know there is a lot more they can do if they knew how.

Now Ann Robb (pictured) founder of  The Marketing Mentor, says business needs to understand how the social-business platform can be used need to advantage.

She told ScotBuzz said: “LinkedIn is a really valuable tool in the B2B market, now being more effective and driving more results than traditional methods. The majority of users recognise its potential, but are still getting a little lost – however there are a few simple steps to learn that can help business people use LinkedIn to get ahead.

“As someone who hates cold calling, the emergence of LinkedIn has been a godsend to me in business. LinkedIn is a one-stop shop for researching and identifying potential clients, raising awareness of your business and building your brand.

“By the time you pick up the phone to potential clients you are connected, perhaps through an introduction, or maybe they have read your blogs and you may have interacted in Groups.

“They see your photo so often they think they already know you, so when they take your call it feels familiar and makes it easier for you to ask to meet them in person.

“Since I started my consultancy in June last year, 70% of traffic to my website is from LinkedIn and most of my clients found me because of it. I think this type of approach has become more successful than traditional marketing methods.”

LinkedIn training can show business people how to build their brand and reputation, as well as engaging with prospects and developing new business opportunities.

Ann has over 20 years’ marketing experience having started her career at Tennent Caledonian Breweries. She has also worked in marketing at United Distillers and RBS while her last position was Head of Advertising for Scottish Widows.



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