I feel compelled to update…no, warn… other potential customers of Autoglass following my previous article describing how they treated me when my car windscreen cracked

Having failed to turn up to the original appointment, another one was duly booked for the following week after my refusal to wait until the end of June.

When I requested my £100 excess fee to be returned by way of some small form of compensation, the lady in customer services, unbelievably, said that while they would be more than happy to return the £100 I had to wait to complete the “entire experience”

I asked her to explain what she meant by that and she said that until the job was completed, they would be unable to return my money.

On further discussion, I came to the realisation that there was every expectation on her part that this whole situation could get even worse and I would therefore be entitled to far more than my £100.

Cue much flapping at the other end of the phone assuring me this wasn’t the case but offering no other explanation. I said I was very happy to wait for far more compensation.

Within the hour I received a call from a senior customer services manager saying they would be more than happy to accept my original offer of £100.

So my Friday appointment comes around and I’m looking forward to a crack free windscreen.

A very pleasant repair man arrives at my car, takes one look at it and declares he has been sent…with the wrong windscreen.

Possibly for the first time in my life, I was left speechless.

A call to his boss confirmed that they would once again order the glass and rebook the appointment but that this would take some time. I was advised to go back to customer services.

After a very heated conversation with my insurance company, who actually said it was ‘my own fault because as I knew when I bought my car insurance that it was Autoglass who provided their windscreen cover’.

Except, as I pointed out, they don’t.

I was finally given permission to purchase my windscreen from a local company. Within 48 hours of contacting this local small business I had a brand new windscreen. No trouble, no hassle, job done.

Autoglass? well they declared their relief at the fact the job was done and they could take me off the system.
But the final word on this saga goes to was the fantastic local business which fixed my windscreen.

When I told them it was an insurance job their response was “I’m afraid you’ll have to pay upfront for the job because we can’t trust them to pay us the money back”.

Enough said.

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