Public policy concern MacKay Hannah is holding a conference on the changing role of regulation and scrutiny in Scotland on Monday March 23 between 8.30am and 3.30pm at the Holiday Inn, Edinburgh City West.

Reform Scotland subscribers will receive a 10% discount when booking a place at this event – just quote Reform10 – when booking online at   http://www.mackayhannah.com/conferences/the-changing-role-of-regulation-and-scrutiny-in-scotland.

This conference will explore the changing role of regulation and scrutiny in Scotland in the context of additional powers and responsibilities devolved to the Scottish Parliament, challenging public finances and rising consumer expectations.

Who regulates and how? What is the purpose of regulation? How can regulators strike a balance between proportionality, effective scrutiny and compliance? What are the key drivers for reform? And how can service providers and businesses increase compliance levels within budgetary constraints?

Speakers include the Advocate General for Scotland, Lord Wallace and Professor Lorne Crerar, author of the 2007 Independent Review of Regulation, Audit, Inspection and Complaints Handling of Public Services in Scotland.

Read more at http://www.mackayhannah.com/conferences/the-changing-role-of-regulation-and-scrutiny-in-scotland

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