SCOT-BUZZ EDITORS BILL JAMIESON and JOHN McGURK say looks aren’t everything of course, but they sure do matter!

Our thanks to the many readers who have emailed or texted with messages of support for the new look Scot-Buzz. A few selections from our digital mailbag are carried below.

I can’t tell you how easy it was, waking up in the morning with a bright new idea, a quick artisan barista coffee with our cool designers, a 5 minute Scot-Buzz boardroom meeting to rubber-stamp the changes, Ben Cartwright at Uniq with his magic wand and – whoosh! – a simple press of the button and there it was, a brilliant new site, calibrated to perfection, launched without a glitch and sent seamlessly to thousands across the land … as pigs flew overhead.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those today embarking on a website facelift and redesign.

It seemed so simple when the nerdy geek came up with the idea. A quick rejig, a few more gizmos, a Twitter blitz – what could be simpler?

Today, as our in-house uploader recovers with her little bag of Diazepam in the  Sunset Happy Hours Psychiatric Care Home trauma unit learning new  basket weaving skills, we raise a glass to all those about to refresh their website.

Warm your hands round the digital camp fire! Sing happy songs!

Website re-design? What could be simpler?

Please do keep sending your kind messages. They are hugely appreciated, passed round and read out loud to those unfortunate team members temporarily unable to look at a lap top screen without screaming.

And already we’re planning ahead. We’ve put a date in the diary. Our next redesign will be here before you know it – in 2056.

Bill Jamieson, John McGurk



The new site looks great! Really clear and crisp. Well done! 

A.J London

All working well, and McGurk on the money. How dumb can MPs be? Really shocked by Jack Straw.

A., PPS Group, Edinburgh

Well done on the new look.

MW, Edinburgh

New site looking good!

B.M., France

New look ScotBuzz looks great. I take it the capital B picked out in blue in new masthead is a B for Bill (ed. Note: no)

J.P., Glasgow

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