THE PEASANTS’ REVOLT: Honey McBee’s Buzz Round the Media

TUESDAY 28 JUNE: All bets are off. “There are no rules. There is no precedent”.



You bet your life we’re not. Robert Harris in the Sunday Times [£] – “Here comes a national nervous breakdown”. The luvvies of Glastonbury wake up to reality – compassion, social responsibility, community, loving each other” – all apparently gone forever. Patrick Wintour and Damien Gayle in the Observer set out what they think comes next. But of course, it’s anyone’s guess – and it may never happen



Here, via the Spectator’s transcript, is Nicola Sturgeon laying out her case on the Andrew Marr show. And again, on the BBC’s Sunday Politics Scotland show with Gordon Brewer [1hr. 30 min in].

Henry Hill in Saturday’s Conservative Home laid out what he sees as the stark reality of Indyref2.  For a start, over a third of those voting, voted Leave – and in some places it was much higher. Outside of the political class, asks Hill, is there the appetite for the EU that the SNP seems to think?

Polls seem to show there is – half a million to be precise, if the Sunday Mail poll is to be believed. And those who voted No to independence last time round are minded to vote Yes next time…

Craig McAngus of Aberdeen University also advocated caution in his Friday posting for The Conversation. After all, some powers will come back to Holyrood rather than Westminster, and the currency and trade will still be sticky questions. Above all, says McAngus, the SNP needs to avoid another Quebec.

Chris Deerin in Friday’s Scottish Daily Mail [here via his blog] is another urging that we wait and see what Brexit brings before we take the next leap, says Deerin – “detail around most of the important bits … what happens to our economy, our borders, our relationships, our status, our influence, our access, even how and when we go about disengaging from the EU, seem, slightly suspiciously, to elude Mr Johnson … one might view this, if one were feeling uncharitable, as disappointing, even irresponsible, even a little alarming”.

Can we stay in the EU when rUK leaves?  Apparently not, according to Breitbart News. Matt Dathan in the Scottish Mail on Sunday follows up…

Could we stop it?  Jessica Morris in CityAM  and Libby Brooks in the Observer reported the divergence between First Ministers Sturgeon and Jones over a possible blocking of Brexit. Conservative MSP Prof Adam Tomkins says it’s not possible in any case – “Holyrood has the power to show or to withhold its consent. But withholding consent is not the same as blocking.”



Not sure where Herald columnist Iain Macwhirter’s sympathy – if any – lies. His measured view of the result and its outcome in the Sunday Herald is overshadowed by this brief blog definition of Leave voters  – We are Brexit and we don’t care; there’s a faint whiff of patronising Scottish superiority. Badly done, Iain, and beaten only by Anthony Seaton in yesterday’s Scottish Review, whose contempt for Leave voters – “the poor, the disaffected, and those with poor education and weak abilities to reason” – shines through his appeal to MPs to overturn the result. Democracy’s fine when it goes your way…


WHITHER LABOUR?  The Jexit saga…

We’re not even going there, because every minute brings a new resignation. At the time of writing, the latest to go was potential leader Angela Eagle. Paul Waugh in Saturday’s Huffington Post described the treacherous background. So swiftly has the shadow cabinet disappeared this weekend, we suggest you resort to the BBC website if you’ve the stamina to keep pace.

Et tu, Bryant? The knife twists. Rats and ships come to mind.

We think Tom Watson had the right idea – keep your head down and go for some fun in the mud [warning – graphic images of white male in shorts- not for the squeamish]


IN BRIEF [because there’s so much this week]

Two gems from Tim Worstall for the Adam Smith Institute’s blog here and here; Osborne – biter bit!

Mark Wallace for ConservativeHome reports on America’s volte face; the UK goes back to the front of the queue.

Rod Liddle, also in the Sunday Times [£], looks forward, after a brief guilt trip, to the rest of Europe following suit – and it’s a real possibility [£]

Gillian Bowditch in the Sunday Times praises Sturgeon’s foresight [£] in preparing for the result.  Watch as Faisal Islam of Sky News agrees…

Kevin McKenna in the Observer on the rise and rise of Sturgeon’s possible nemesis, Ruth Davidson.

Janet Daley in the Sunday Telegraph says replace the homogenised androids with real people – “being answerable to the electorate and treating their concerns with respect – the most basic requirement of a would-be governing party”.

Support from an unlikely quarter. Bloomberg reports a Tory MP on the Treasury Committee saying Edinburgh could pick up and usurp much of London’s financial services sector – “It’s not a bad place, perhaps a bit damp, but you can live with that.”  Oh, good.



Julia Horton in the Sunday Times [£] on the allocation of Scottish fishing quotas – surely a priority for Holyrood.

Oliver Staley in Quartz Daily on the strange origins of the drug for which thousands have reason to be grateful. Read and wonder at human ingenuity…

Muirfield this week asks its male membership tae think again. Go back and vote until you come up with the right answer. They might care to reflect on this wee snippet on women’s golf posted on the Rampant Scotland website.



It’s been a breath-taking few weeks, so now we’re off with our bucket and spades to enjoy what’s left of the Scottish summer and the World Championship blackface sheep-shearing contest this weekend.

Before we go, take heed of the latest gem from Food Standards Scotland – a pink chicken kicking a child’s sand castle. Happy holidays! …

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