An innovative new eyewear brand has successfully launched itself to the American trade market at a world-leading industry exhibition in Las Vegas.

Occles, the brainchild of Edinburgh couple Hugh Robertson and Lynne McLeod, met with major retailers interested in stocking the ‘ultimate eyeshades’ at the Travel Goods Show. The company is also negotiating a licensing agreement proposal with a US travel goods retailer.

Hugh and partner Lynne came up with the idea for Occles while on a beach in Greece three years ago when they noticed people were using towels to cover their eyes from the bright sunshine.

The Occles eyeshades wrap around the head blocking out light. There is no bridge over the nose to save unsightly tan marks and dents – a unique Occles feature. The eye-seals on the innovative product allow the wearer to open and close their eyes while blocking out strong light and harmful UV rays aiding total relaxation.

Research, design and manufacture of Occles have all been carried out in the UK. and the company has just completed production of its first run of products.

For more information, visit www.occles.co.

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