A new service has been unveiled to help more UK businesses break onto overseas markets. 

It claims to give UK businesses secure preferential deals through the Department for International Trade to help them start exporting and provide a new searchable export directory to match businesses according to the worldwide demand for different UK goods and services

The launch of the trade hub for businesses (go to will help them access millions of pounds’ worth of potential overseas business, give practical advice, and signpost support to help them win lucrative contracts.

The site will act as a single digital destination for trade and investment, bringing together and connecting UK businesses, international buyers and international investors.

Whether businesses are new, occasional or frequent exporters, they will be able to take advantage of the new suite of tools and exclusive deals on fees or commissions with some of world’s leading online marketplaces.

By registering, businesses will become part of a brand new searchable directory of UK exporters which government will use to match their products and services with worldwide demand.

Currently only around 11 per cent of registered British businesses currently export.

Of the 2.5 million businesses registered in the UK, an estimated 360,000 who have an exportable product or service mistakenly believe there isn’t a global demand for it.

The government’s existing E-exporting programme has assisted over 3,000 companies to become exporters and has delivered export deals totalling £388 million since 2014.

The new digital trade hub is part of a push to help a further 100,000 more UK businesses export by 2020. Through e-exporting alone government intends to deliver an additional 20,000 online exporters and £2 billion worth of value to the UK economy by 2020.

Internationally, the platform will include in-language information on why and how to invest into the UK, and from next year will host searchable opportunities from every region, with more to follow.

There are four pages for priority markets – India, China, Germany and the US, the world’s largest markets – have been launched and have dedicated translated/transliterated content to showcase UK investment opportunities

The Department for Internal Trade has agreements with the five major banks – Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, RBS and Santander – and the 4 big consultancies – EY, KPMG, Deloitte, and PWC – to be GREAT partners and help potential exporters make the most of the opportunities.

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