With campaigning in full swing Hamish Thomson’s must-visit has updated his automated political cliche removal tool.

Are there any that you’ve spotted in the wild that you’d like him to add?  He has written to candidates with a helpful link to the updated page and a list of the top phrases for them to avoid.

Any effect so far? Nope.

Says Hamish, “We live in an age of devolved opinion.  For every decision-maker there are now millions of derision-makers.  Politicians need to take note and communicate clearly.”

Here’s a small selection from the thousands of phrases that is aiming to rid the world of. Email the site with your own pet hates!
Here we go on the Tower of Babel Clichés:

“On your side”
“Big society”
“The people”
“The promise of a”
“To be frank”
“We hear you.”
“Most serious threats”
“Those who need it”
“Difficult choices”
“People who work hard and do the right thing”
“Zero tolerance”
“Black hole”
“Bottom up”
“The doorstep”
“Hard-working” families”
“Metropolitan elite”
“Real people”
“Top down”
“The Westminster bubble”
“The fact of the matter is”
“It’s going to take time”
“A whole range of proposals”
“There are no easy answers”
“Comprehensive raft of measures”
“The previous administration”
“Let me at this stage be absolutely open and honest”
“Our message is clear”
“The Great British people”
“One nation”
“There is an alternative”
“Hard-working families”
“Squeezed middle”
“Tough choices”
“Tough decisions”
“Tough on crime”
“Real people”
“To the country”
“Build a better future

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