Well-known faces from the UK food scene and some of Scotland’s top thinkers will gather at Summerhall in Edinburgh later this month for an event that will radically challenge established views of Scottish food and food culture. 

The event will explore how we might cultivate a more positive food culture.

‘Scotland’s Foodscape’ symposium will take place on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th April at Summerhall, 1 Summerhall, Edinburgh, EH9 1PL

The symposium is being organised by the MSc Gastronomy team at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh (QMU) in collaboration with the University of Gastronomic Sciences (UniSG), Italy, and is part of an international series of events exploring food culture.

Participants will include academics and politicians, artists and theorists, campaigners and producers, innovators and activists, as well as members of the public.

Over two days participants will experience new and challenging views on ‘Scottish foods’ such as haggis and the deep-fried Mars bar, extraordinary reflections on ‘ordinary Scottish products’ such as bread, milk, barley and cheese, and discussions and debate on issues such as food education, the right to food, the potential impact of a Brexit on Scottish food, and the future of food technology.

Experts will include Shirley Spear (The Three Chimneys and Scottish Food Commission), Geoff Tansey (Food Ethics Council and Fabian Commission), Guy Grieve (The Ethical Shellfish Company) and others from the fields of food, the arts and the media, to be announced over the next two weeks.
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