Scottish retailers are calling for a Flexible Skills Fund to ensure businesses who pay into the levy would be able to recover a fair portion of the funds which could then be used to invest in workers to boost productivity and growth. 

It comes as the Scottish government published an analysis yesterday of the responses to its consultation on the Apprenticeship Levy. The consultation was investigating how the Scottish government should best use the Barnett Consequential Revenues of the UK levy.

The SRC has previously raised concerns that without Scottish government intervention, Scottish retailers “would face the pernicious harm of paying £12 million in contributions to the Apprenticeship Levy without being able to recover any of the costs for training”.

The consultation found 79 percent of respondents were in favour of a flexible skills fund, with less than a sixth opposed. Scottish minister Jamie Hepburn said the administration would look to work with employers ahead of an announcement on the proposals later this year.

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