It was once the prestigious headquarters of the Royal Bank of Scotland on Edinburgh’s St Andrew Square. But how times have changed.

Now it’s to be the site of a £2 million luxury restaurant and bar development. Set within the former RBS headquarters, the 9,500 sq ft development will encompass a contemporary restaurant for 200 covers and two bars.

The development, designed by restaurateurs Tony Conetta and Mario Gizzi, will, says the press release, “create a new city centre destination for residents, visitors, tourists and office occupiers” It “will be housed within the double height former banking hall and will showcase the history of the building, its neoclassical and art deco original features, combined with the ultimate in luxury design”

Scotland’s financial centre, once dominant in the capital, is giving way to the new thriving sector of double expressos, skimmed lattes and prosecco with nibbles. Let’s hope it doesn’t hit the same fate as the former occupiers.

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