This magnificent picture was taken by photographer Islay McLeod, whose work graces the Scottish Review website.

Born and bred in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Islay has travelled around her native Scotland with her camera for many years, from Orkney to Easterhouse, Catterline to Tobermory. “Often the most unexpected places”, she says, “offer the most in terms of capturing human life in that instant – the moment – and they continue to do so.”

Islay is deputy editor of the Scottish Review, a website widely respected for its writing, analysis, reportage and cultural reviews.

Now Islay has added another string to her bow, with her own website – islaymcleodphoto.co.uk – to showcase her work. She has an astute and sympathetic eye and her honest photographs hauntingly capture Scotland and Scots in a wide variety of situations and moods.

Her talented work is well worth a view.

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