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In The Most Stage Managed General Election Ever we suggested that the exit poll would be so accurate that it would be better to go to bed early rather than stay glued to the telly and those hours of pointless chit-chat before the results rolled in.

Now the pompous Paddy Ashdown, who didn’t believe the exit forecast, has to eat his hat; the ousted and humiliated Jim Murphy has to eat humble pie and Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg must eat their words as David Cameron and Nicola Sturgeon feast on victory celebrations.

Cameron will keep his job as Prime Minister with the prospect of forming a majority Conservative government and Sturgeon will lead an astonishing 56 SNP MPs after an historic wipe-out of Labour in Scotland bar one.

Unlike all the polls before the election, which canvassed around 1100 voters every time and got it wrong, the exit poll questioned some 22,000 after they’d left the polling station.

MORI and NOP have got the exit poll down to a such a fine art and have proved it works having been accurate in the last two general elections in 2010 and 2005.

In Spare a Thought For Those Looking For a Job next Thursday we tried to help out those big-hitters in Scotland expected to lose their seats — Jim Murphy, Douglas Alexander, Margaret Curran, Charles Kennedy, Danny Alexander and Alastair Carmichael — by posting brief summaries of their CVs.

This was despite the fact that none of them had done anything significant in their careers other than politics.

It turns out that only the former Scottish Secretary of State, Alastair Carmichael, who was a procurator fiscal before he became a politician, has retained his Orkney and Shetland seat which means he is the only Lib Dem MP left standing north of the border.

OK… we didn’t mention that Ed Balls would be out but, to be fair, we were only looking at the biggest names in Scotland!

So the BBC news helicopter has been up aimlessly following people in a big car as David Cameron prepares to form a Tory government without the Lib Dems.

The nation has decided that the former coalition partners should go their separate ways —but that the Lib Dems should be sacked and the Tories should be promoted.

While the national story of the night has been the victory of David Cameron, the Scottish story is the slaughter of Labour in Scotland and the meteoric rise of the SNP which must mean the end of the road for both Ed Miliband and Jim Murphy.

How can Miliband stay on as the defeated Labour leader and how can Murphy continue as the leader in Scotland when he is not even an MP?

The outcome has polarised Britain as the result effectively means that the Tories now run England and the Nats run Scotland. Will it end up as federalism or Scottish independence?

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