The 2015 Edinburgh International Science Festival gets underway on April 4 with topics ranging

over a celebration of science writing through “numbers that matter” to a Gastro-fest special on food and drink.

A key feature will be The Ideas Factory – a hub for information, ideas and innovation.

Leading scientists appearing at the Festival include Edinburgh-based Nobel Prize winner Prof Peter Higgs, physicist Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, and Gaia Theorist James Lovelock.

Broadcasters Jim Al-Khalili (BBC’s Light and Dark), Hermione Cockburn (BBC’s Coast), Simon Watt (Channel 4’s Natures Giants) and Helen Keen (BBC Radio 4.) will be there, along with Scottish superstar trials rider Danny MacAskill talking about what drives him to achieve extraordinary feats.

Former hostage Terry Waite joins neuroscientist Sir Colin Blakemore to discuss his experience in captivity, and best-selling author Matt Haig discusses his experience with depression and using mindfulness as a tool for mental well-being .

The festival runs from April 4th to 19th. For full details and further information please contact Liz Wallace, Press Officer on 0131 553 0325 / 07708 795320 or liz@scifest.co.uk.

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