An Edinburgh firm which advises other businesses on good HR practices has taken its own advice – offering its staff on a holiday to the Algarve in Portugal to reward excellent performance.

The bosses paid £5000 to take the seven-strong team on a four-day trip to the Algarve after they helped steer the firm to its £300,000 turnover target.

Director Stephanie Robinson launched Solve. in 2011 to help clients unlock the benefits of good HR and employment law advice – including happier and more productive staff.

Stephanie revealed how, as all of her colleagues at the time were women with young children – the lure of a short break without husbands or children was an  important motivator for the trip, which saw the team relaxing in a luxury villa with its own swimming pool, near Vale do Lobo.

Solve. already has 20 retained clients and another 100 businesses which use its services on a regular, ad-hoc basis. It aims to grow to 50 retained clients, £1m turnover and 50 staff by 2020.




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