Business Spotlight – Wendy Pring of KCP

Meet Wendy Pring from KCP

Phone: 01290 426000

Turnover and profit:
We are on Scottish Enterprise’s Growth Pipeline and on target to reach our £1 million turnover target next year, with a healthy profit margin, which will allow us to reinvest in our team and specialised equipment.  We are projecting turnover of £2 million in the next 2-3 years.

Number of staff employed:
Along side myself and my husband Karl, we have 11 employees and hope to grow this number over the next 2-3 years too, in line with our turnover expectations.

What services do you offer?
KCP is a service business, providing material transfer and resource management services using a fleet of specially adapted vehicles to clients across the landfill, industrial farming, food and drink, and anaerobic digestion sectors. In short, industrial suction of many different material types, including sludge, sewage, grains and gravel. We have a niche market – we offer comprehensive, tailored fixes to our clients’ needs, challenges and emergencies.

Why should a potential client consider doing business with you?
We don’t offer one service but instead we solve the problems that our clients present us with. We have to be creative and inventive, and work with our clients to find the best answers. We have built a solid foundation, a good business network and strong relationships with our clients.

What makes your business stand out?
We are quick to react and small enough to be flexible. We will often come up with bespoke solutions to our client problems, going as far as designing and making a piece of equipment if there is currently nothing that will do the job. As a result of this innovation we currently have a patent pending for a nuclear disposal related product invented by Karl.

Who are your clients?
Our client list is wide-ranging, from major companies such as SSE plc, Veolia and Morrison Construction, local authorities and anaerobic digestion (AD) companies, to many lesser-known small companies too.

What’s your biggest success in the last year?
Biggest success has been the education and sharing of expertise within the AD ( anaerobic digestion sector). This is a growing industry sector and whilst it is a known technology there are still teething problems. We work across AD plants providing renewable energy from the commercial foodwaste, agricultural and whisky sectors.  Many challenges faced are similar and our expertise is able to capture this and apply solutions across multiple industries. This has created a wider selection of clients across a number of industry sectors where we are adding value.

What’s your ambition in the next year?
I want to continue to develop key relationships across all our industry sectors and expand the range or services we have available to clients. Staff development is a very important part of this – building on our employees’ industry skills and training them in soft skills too, such as communication. I have regular one-to-one meetings with all my staff for the purposes of continued professional development. Building a skilled workforce is key to the success of a business like ours. I am also excited about working hard to achieve our growth targets

What’s your biggest asset?
We have bespoke applications being devised all the time, we are in a good position to make more of  Karl’s inventive skills, and we look forward to having more innovative products attributed to KCP in the future.

How would you sum up what you do best?
We solve problems. We love a challenge and we are technically capable to review all manner of infrastructure processes. Which allows us to provide a cost effective, added value service, whether this is proactive or a reactive emergency resolution.

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