The idea that Scotland’s economy should pay a heavy price because of the ravings of Donald Trump is the work of people who should look at their own ridiculous history of prejudice.

Trump is certainly a loud-mouthed moron whose views about banning Muslims are indefensible but the whole point about living in a democracy is that people are entitled to free speech.

Alas, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews is reportedly considering that the wonderful Turnberry golf course should be ditched as a venue for the Open Golf Championship because it is now owned by the madman who wants to be the next President of the United States.

The Herald in Glasgow yesterday reported a source who said that the R and A considered that Turnberry was no longer eligible to host the greatest golf tournament in the world after Trump’s comments about “Muslims, Mexicans, Chinese and women among others” which have been widely condemned.

Is this the same organisation that only last year finally agreed, after 260 years, to allow women to become members?

And one wonders how many of their illustrious membership consists of the other aforementioned nationalities.

It is certainly unfortunate that Turnberry is now renamed Trump Turnberry and is owned by Donald Trump but that is no reason to ban it as an Open venue and deny it the opportunity of pouring millions of pounds into Scotland thanks to the tournament.

Turnberry is one of the world’s finest golf courses perfectly poised with Ailsa Craig in the foreground and a five-star hotel in the background.

In 1977 it was the scene of one of the most famous play-offs in Open golf history when Tom Watson beat his fellow American Jack Nicklaus by one stroke after a thrilling final which became known as the “duel in the sun”.

Turnberry has hosted four Open championships and has contributed enormously to the wealth and well-being of our small nation by placing it in the eyes of the world.

So the suggestion that it should now be relegated to some backwater and denied its proper place in world championship golf by an organisation which has been misogynist for two and a half centuries is itself ridiculous.

Disagreeable and deplorable he may be but Trump is entitled to say what he feels and his opinions should have no bearing on where the Open should or shouldn’t be held.

Indeed, perhaps we should be grateful that he speaks his mind in such fascist tones because at least he fleshes out what millions of his American supporters really think about racism and the Muslim world in particular.

Thanks to Trump we know more about what many U.S. citizens truly believe about the world; more than what any opinion polls could ever tell us.

Nicola Sturgeon moved fast in stripping Trump of his ambassador’s role for Scotland and Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen has taken similar action to remove his honorary doctorate.

But, of course, Trump only received these privileges in the first place because he is hugely rich and powerful and because it was undoubtedly felt that Scotland should pander and cosy up to him.

The reality is that it has always been widely-known that he is a pig of a man who has traded on his celebrity and his money rather than his accomplishments as a human being.

Where once he was stupidly feted and admired, Trump, in the eyes of right-minded people, is now is a menace and a dangerous man.

Whether he wins the Republican nomination remains to be seen but, if he does, the world better start praying that the most likely Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, beats him next November.

Hillary, whose greatest claim to fame is the fact that she was the spurned wife of the disgraced ex-President Bill Clinton, will be no Franklin D. Roosevelt.

But anything will be better than seeing Donald Trump and his entourage take control of The White House and, therefore, the destiny of the world.

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