A MAJOR conference next week will highlight the benefits to businesses and consumers if Scotland can bring together all the information needed to buy and sell land and property in one place.

The Scotsman conference, A World-Class Digital Land and Property Information Database for Scotland, sponsored by Unifi Scotland and Ordnance Survey, is on Tuesday March 10 at the National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh. The conference will hear about the benefits Norway has derived from a single database – including reducing conveyancing transaction periods from 2-3 weeks to hours in many cases.

Norway is among the world’s top five countries for property transactions, according to the World Banks’s Ease of Doing Business survey – with the UK way back in 68th place.

This has been achieved by greater integration among banks, customers and property professionals, all working around the single information hub – and allowing access to most information within just a few minutes.

Professor Stewart Brymer, a legal expert in the field, will argue that a one-stop digital database is achievable in Scotland. He said: “The Norwegian model has generated global interest as a viable, easily transferrable system. Those who want the information can get it quickly and cheaply – and the whole system operates in a quick, efficient manner to the benefit of the economy.”

Prof Brymer said the presence at the conference of Deputy First Minister John Swinney and Keeper of the Registers of Scotland Sheenagh Adams sent out a significant message that there was a strong will at the highest levels to deliver a world-class service. For details, please go to

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