Thank God it’s over…but what a extraordinary night for Scotland and the SNP while no-one thought that David Cameron could get a majority.

So, in the absence of anything else to say, here are 20 things you never knew about this year’s election campaign and some facts about elections in the past

1. The SNP has posted 20,386 selfies with Nicola Sturgeon on Twitter.

2. Every ballot paper contains a serial number but it is illegal to trace the voter. After a year, the papers are destroyed.

3. The first past the post system means that more than half of all voters will place their cross for a party that has no chance of forming a government.

4. The Tories spend the most. Last time they splashed out £16.6 million against Labour’s £8 million and the Lib Dems £4.8 million.

5. Ed Miliband would be the Britain’s first athiest Prime Minister. Tony Blair converted to Catholicism in 2007.

6. Nigel Farage has consumed 25 curries during this year’s campaign.

7. This was David Dimbelby’s ninth TV election but also his last. His first was in 1964 while the first one he anchored was in 1974.

8. The Tories have the most black or ethnic minority candidates at 11%.

9. It’s thought that the first election ballot involving voting papers was held in Rome in 193 BCE.

10. A total of 81,879 papers were rejected in 2010. Most of them were unmarked and therefore void.

11. Nick Clegg has travelled 8,367 miles in his battle bus which killed a pigeon.

12. There have been 13 Prime Minsters who didn’t win an election.

13. There have been 380 female MPs since 1918. In the last parliament, there were 148 out of 650.

14. The youngest MP in the last parliament was Pamela Nash who represented Labour in Airdrie and Shotts. She is 30.

15. Each candidate can spend £8,700 during the 25 days before polling day.

16. The oldest candidate this time was Labour’s Gerald Kaufman who is 84.

17. The general election has been held on a Thursday since 1931.

18. David Cameron has travelled 13,000 miles during the campaign and on one day had breakfast in Edinburgh and dinner in Cornwall.

19. Labour has sold 13,281 tea towels during this year’s campaign.

20. There are 3971 candidates standing for parliament this year.

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